There are several ways to make contact with ActivEyes Redbridge:


By post

We share our office with Waltham Forest Vision.

ActivEyes Redbridge,

c/o Waltham Forest vision,

Waltham Forest Resource Hub (South),

90 Crownfield Road,


E15 2BG.


By phone

 Contact Number: 07943592140


By Email

either by sending a message directly to or by completing the form below:


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By visiting us

At the Waltham Forest Resource Hub (South), 90 Crownfield Road, London E15 2BG.

Once at the entrance, to the left of the door is a panel for the entry intercom. You need to press 11, labelled “Waltham Forest Vision” and then press the bell which will ring straight through to our office. The numbers start on the 2nd row down, with 1 being on the left, and the bell button is on the right hand end of the top row.

When we answer, we will release the door which you can then pull towards you and step into a lobby. We will come and meet you there.

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Directions by road

The office is on the corner of Hall Road and Crownfield Road. Access to our car park is via Hall Road and Amethyst Road.

However, if you are coming from Leyton High road, you may wish to use the alternative route.

Proceed along Leyton High Road, turn left into Stewart Road (2 roads before Crownfield Road). Proceed across the junction with Ellingham Road and up to the junction with Hall Road. Turn right and you will see the Resource Hub in front of you. Turn right into Amethyst Road and the entrance to our car park is on the left.


Directions by public transport

Nearest tube station: Leyton

Come out the station and turn left. There is a bus stop no more than 1 minute walk along the road. Lots of buses stop there, but you need either the 58 or 69 to Edith Road, which is the third stop.

Once off the bus, turn right and walk down Crownfield Road. You will come to a telephone box on the corner, turn left and continue following the wall round onto Hall Road. Our building is along the 1st pathway you will come to, which is just after a BT type green box against the wall. Follow the path down to the wall at the end. This is the side wall to the entrance lobby. Move along the wall to your right and follow it round the corner. The entrance door will be on your left.


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